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Offer Ends: 16 December, 2026

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Scotch & Rye's Undefeatable Eating Challenge

We have a challenge that'll test the limits of your hunger and have you crowned as a true legend. Brace yourselves for the mighty Scotch-Ness Monster Challenge, exclusively at Scotch & Rye!

Imagine this monstrous feast laid out before you: a towering creation of flavour and indulgence.

We're talking 25 ounces of succulent stacked bacon and cheeseburgers, oozing with savoury goodness. But that's not all! You'll also face a mountain of loaded chilli and cheese fries, two ears of buttered corn, a refreshing serving of coleslaw, four mouthwatering buffalo chicken wings, and to top it all off, a colossal 30-ounce vanilla shake that'll make you weak in the knees.

Now, here's where things get really exciting. If you can conquer this beastly feast in just 30 minutes, not only will we cover the cost of your meal (£40 worth) but you'll also earn the coveted spot on our illustrious Wall of Fame. That's right, your name will be forever etched into the annals of glory, admired by all who visit our establishment.

Think you have the guts, the determination, and the insatiable appetite to face the Scotch-Ness Monster Challenge head-on?

Summon your courage, loosen your belt, and make your way to Scotch & Rye. Can you tame the Scotch-Ness Monster Challenge and claim your rightful place on our Wall of Fame? The challenge awaits!

Book online or call us on 01463 715374 to take on the undefeatable challenge! 

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