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Offer Ends: 16 December, 2026

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Can you handle the heat?

Attention all heat seekers, fire breathers, and culinary daredevils!

We've got a challenge that'll test your taste buds and ignite your senses. Introducing the legendary Highland Hot Wing Challenge, exclusively at Scotch & Rye!

Our challenge features five mouthwatering chicken wings, generously coated in our secret concoction known as the "Scotch & Die" hot sauce.

Each bite is a fiery adventure, and with every wing, the heat level cranks up to a whole new level of intensity. We're talking about the kind of heat that separates the bold from the faint-hearted.

If you're bold enough to conquer this fiery feast and finish all six wings in one sitting, we're not just going to pat you on the back and send you on your way. Oh no, my friend!

Complete the Highland Hot Wing Challenge, and you'll be treated to a whopping 30-ounce bourbon milkshake, a creamy, boozy concoction that'll cool your scorched taste buds and provide sweet relief. Plus, the wings are on us because, hey, you earned it!

Think you have what it takes to face the Highland Hot Wing Challenge and emerge victorious? Gather your courage, channel your inner fire-breathing dragon, and head on over to Scotch & Rye. 

Can you handle the heat? 

Book online or call us on 01463 715374 to take on the challenge! 

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